Network Products




MPO/MPT-LC/SC Data centers nowadays are undergoing great migration to higher speed networks. Considering the inevitable cabling growth in 40/100G high-density environment, 12-fiber and 24-fiber MTP/MPO cabling is introduced as an ideal and feasible solution. The polarity of MTP/MPO cabling in 40G/100G has haunted many cable managers. Fortunately, there are approaches that can facilitate correct MTP/MPO polarity maintenance in serial duplex signals connections and parallel signals connections. With our products we are at the cutting edge of technology we produce and test our products with the latest standards required. Our products in the field of fiber optic technology are patented and tested to the latest standards. Look in our shop for our high end products for the cabling of your It infrastructure data center, telcom etc.



Many manufacturers, such as R & M, Dätwyler Cabling and many more, present top products in the field of IT. Thanks to many years of experience of IT companies in the production of IT products, it is already possible today to enable speeds of 40Gb through copper interconnects and 400Gb through fiber optics. Fiberglass record stood 2017 - 50 terabits per second. We IT installers have the great variety of quality products from the manufacturers, so you have the opportunity to offer you the best in the market. Below we have put together some links to the product catalogs of the manufacturers in Switzerland.