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Our Services

We offer the complete construction of the network, for industry, public, banks, insurances, telecom, office, shops, computing center etc. From the planning to the handover of the keys. Racking the entire cabling of the infrastructure of copper and glass fiber, the connections of the connections and the measurements of the connections, as well as the labeling and documentation of the infrastructure. Uninterruptible power supply and the associated electricity. Universal communication cabling of access control, alarm & video surveillance systems. Installations of badge (entrance reader), surveillance cameras & alarm systems. We are your real partner for the entire IT infrastructure.


IP telephony is a technology that makes it possible to implement the telephone service on IP infrastructure so that it can replace the traditional telephone technology including ISDN and all components. The objective here is a reduction of costs through a uniformly structured and operated network. Upgrade your ISDN. VoIP calling is the new digital age.

Network 4.0

For example, fiber optic cabling provides the required performance for the high-performance computer. Hundreds of connections are required, from rack to rack, as well as copper cabling. A careful handling of the cables, as well as the precise connection of the fiber optic and RJ45 & GG45 sockets, are a prerequisite for a clean data flow in the data center and the offices. Data cables are the veins of the IT network, without it does not work, the more concern you carry the better the data transfer.

With the right cabling system, IT management gains additional flexibility, sustainable development opportunities, and a clear infrastructure investment strategy.

Our IT maintenance service

Control of data, rakes and server rooms, BD (FD - technical rooms) (Workplace Office). Rack Rebuilds Old to new, badges of the switches and the workstations, replace copper or fiberglass cables or RJ45 sockets and fiber optic splices, rebuild or reinstall the panel. 1/2 + 1 year IT service subscription possible. IT Service Subscription is chargeable at each end of the month.